Barcelona has no horizon. It has been lost. Maybe since medieval walls were built.

The city's ambitions encroached on the horizon, the domain of the landscape, stretching beyond earth to the skies, across the expanse of the sea and the mountains.

The panoramic format of the photographer lends itself to the natural landscape, whose beauty opens up another world, beyond that of the city confines. In nature, the panorama is open and balanced in form; in the city, dwelling of man, such beauty is transfigured beyond our own horizon... of nature.

But utilizing the panoramic camera, the photographer's vision has been turned by this synthesis of the urban perspective with the natural format of the landscape. The energy of this union brings a dynamic and unstable compositional form: The vertical panorama.

Barcelona has indeed a vertical soul that wants to have the sky and the ground, the sea and the mountain. A contradictory city, almost antagonistic: bourgeois and working, ancient and modern, international and provincial, traditional and avant-garde- that needs a format that can hold those extremes on the same photographic frame.

Barcelona is a city that often forgets its own charms chasing a vanishing modernity, but the aim of this series is to remember about the city's beauty beyond the convention of the everyday urban vision, through a very personal interpretation of the urban landscape through the vertical format.

Searching for that new perspective, and abstracting the very essence of the city’s form, BARCELONA VERTICAL has been a photographic pursuit of the city's beauty, seeking to extract a moment of silent grace within the noisy chaos of the modern life, freezing time in black and white purity, the color of the past. Let's listen to the beauty!

Søren Berenguer