THE CAMERA - All images conceived and composed on a genuine panoramic film camera. No cropping has been applied to any photograph: black borders on the prints are actually the negative film rebate.

THE FILM - Barcelona Vertical series was exposed on Agfapan APX25 emulsion, now discontinued. Created by Agfa-Gevaert in their German Leverkusen factory, it represents the last of a silver film era used for pictorial purposes in fine art photography. Its high resolution reveals the smoothest tonal gradation and extremely fine grain -looking grainless to the naked eye- which is chemically processed in a developer formulated 100 years ago, resulting in the best possible acutance. A ‘high-fidelity’ emulsion. There is no film like it.

THE PRINT - All photographs from this limited series are hand-crafted in the traditional darkroom using slow Chlorobromide papers, the finest silver gelatin material available today, allowing for an impressive sharpness and rendering of detail. The high silver content of this paper surpasses other traditional emulsions producing deep warm blacks and warmer highlights.

Silver, a noble metal and the core element of traditional hand-made black and white photography, is embodied as silver halides within the actual fibers of the paper, resulting in the exceptional luminosity of the silver monochrome print. In contrast, modern processes are mechanically produced by the injection of ink onto the surface of a white paper, but black ink absorbs light missing the quality lustre and unique brilliance from light reflected from silver crystals.

The photographic darkroom is an essential part of the creating imaging process: When night follows the day, the human brain processes waking life through dream. In the photographic darkroom, the photographer harnesses the silver chemistry to yield its creative and transformative potential to realize images, visualized and photographed in the light of day. This is actually how the dedicated monochrome photographer develops his black and white vision.